Powerchair Hockey is a collective game with the main aim to score more goals than the opponent but according to rules, of which observance supervise two referees.

The field has a classic shape and it is bordered by 20 cm high boards; all of the corners must be rounded. The game – field is divided into various zones by several lines. There are two goals, on the field, which has an atypical size 250x20x40. There is a semi-circle in front of the gate, which borders a goal-area.

EWH can be played only by an electric wheelchair and there are two main conditions for the wheelchair – the ball has to roll underneath freely and the maximum speed is 15 km/h. It is played with a clasic ball and sticks for floorball. The players, who aren´t able to play with clasic stick, can play with so called T-stick, The T-stick is a special construction, which is fixed to the front part of the wheelchair.

The team consists of five players on the field and maximum of five more players on the bench. The goal keeper and at least one more player on the field have to use the T-stick. It is allowed for the team to have one coach and one assistant of coach on the bench, who can substitute players without restriction but only during the suspensions.

The game time is divided into halves, which takes no more than 20 minutes of the pure time. It is allowed to take one one-minute long time-out in the course of a half. If the match ends irresolutely, there are ten more minutes added and is used the system of sudden death. If there isn´t any result after that, then come the penalty series as usual.

EWH is specific game by the fact that there aren´t allowed high-played balls; the ball can be played only in maximum of 20 cm high. The player (including the goal keeper) may touch the ball only by the blade of the stick, by the T-stick or by the wheelchair. Only goal keeper can play the ball inside of the goal area. It is forbidden to hook the sticks, to attack the opposite player by the stick, to throw the stick, to crasch, to play high stick and other ordinary offences against the rules.

The goal, which is scored from the bounce, is valid, but not if the ball bounces from the referee. Also the ball scored from the opponent´s side of the field (from behind the half line) doesn´t count if there wasn´t any intervention from another player’s stick or wheelchair.

If someone breaks the rules, the EWH penalties, which are represented with cards, follow. The green card is warning, the yellow card means penalty of two minutes out and the red one means the disqualification till the end of the match. The next penalty is penalty shot, which shall be taken from the centre spot.

If are you interested in more details, then you have the opportunity for looking over and reading the whole international rules.