12 Jan Hašlar

Date and place of birth: 2. 3. 1983, Mladá Boleslav
Address: Chudoplesy
Membership since: 2013
Wheelchair: Quickie P222

I met the floorball at the high school for the first time already. It´s a team game that captivated me. My previous school mate approached me recently and told me she plays floorball on electric wheelchairs and offered me a possibility to try that. I agreed and came to watch a first training and in spite of my uncertainty and slight worries I tried to play. The beginnings are always hard, but this sport is really interesting and when the team is made of good people then it´s fun too. With a lot of diligence I work on my improvement. And I´m really glad that I managed to fit the team and I hope that I become good team mate soon.

Experiences in EWH

Championship of the Czech Republic
– Czech EWH league 2015/2016, Czech PH league 2016/2017, Czech PH league 2017/2018, Czech PH league 2018/2019, Czech PH league 2019/2020

International tournament in the Czech Republic
– 4. Prague Cup 2015, 5. Prague Cup 2017
– Prague Powerchair Open 2014, Prague Powerchair Open 2015, Prague Powerchair Open 2016, Prague Powerchair Open 2017, Prague Powerchair Open 2018
– 1. MINI Prague Cup 2014, 2. MINI Prague Cup 2019

International tournament in Switzerland
– 8. Zuri-Turnier 2014, 9. Zuri-Turnier 2016, 10. Zuri-Turnier 2018

International tournament in Germany
– 9. Euro-Cup 2015

International tournament in the Netherlands
– 5. international tournament in Eindhoven 2019

National team
– Qualification tournament 2019 in Czech Republic