Jaguars are coming back to the Czech league competition

The first round of the league season 2015/2016 took place on Saturday the 17th of October. The organiser was the Prague´s team New Cavaliers and all matches were played at the Sports hall Radotín. All Czech teams participated – New Cavaliers Prague, Jaguars Prague, SK Indians Pilsen and Red Dragons Prague which is newly compounded of players who came from the team Rejnoci and New Cavaliers. The new season brings many changes. Except for the change of the leagues schedule – we will play in the autumn and spring with the winter break – there is the newly created League´s committee which will control the league in general. The biggest change for the team Jaguars is that after one skipped season we came back to the Czech league. And we wanted to prove  that we didn´t waste the time. We participated in the friend matches with the Czech teams as well as the international tournaments. And what was more – we trained a lot all the time. So we were curious about the upcoming sports encounter which would show our progress.

Our first opponent was the team Indians Pilsen. We had the problem at the beginning of the match – same we have at the beginnings of all tournaments -we weren’t concentrated and coordinated enough. So the opponents got the chance to reach our goal and sent five shots. Fortunately the goalkeeper Jana was successful and Indians didn’t score. The opponent were defending well so we managed to scored only three times. However our game settled in the second half and soon we took over the field. Indians managed to sent four shots towards the goalkeeper Petra and Jan Vaněk scored once. But we added other twelve goals and won 15:1. Denis scored six times and assisted six times too; Stanislav scored eight times and assisted for fifth goals. Jan had one assistance. Once Indians scored into their own goal. There were 41 shots reaching the opponent´s goal.

DSC_2863Our second opponents were New Cavaliers. We expect an intense and equal match as always when it came to New Cavaliers. But nothing like that happened this time. Jaguars were definitely the more active team on the field. Cavaliers managed to send only five shots toward our goal and only one shot was successful and they scored. Michaela Charvátová was that scorer. There were 23 shots approaching the opponent’s goal and we scored five times – Stanislav got four goals (Denis had two assistances), Denis got one (Iva assisted). We won 5:1.

DSC_2947Our last opponents were Red Dragons. As I mentioned before Red Dragons is a newly rebuild team compound from the former players of Rejnoci and few players from New Cavaliers. It was obvious that the team wasn’t coordinated and trained immediately. While our running team scored eight times in the first half, the opponent sent only one shot to our goal. And this shot was successfully caught by a goalkeeper. They managed to send five shots to our goal in the second half and it was worth it when  Václav Uher scored once. We send 51 shots to Red Dragons’ goal. Unbelievable. We added nine more goals in the second half and we won 17:1. Stanislav scored ten times, assisted five times; Denis scored seventh times, assisted seventh times too; two assistances added Jan and one Iva.

So we won the first round of the Czech league competition and got the first nine points. New Cavaliers were the second, SK Indians were the third and Red Dragons were the fourth. Stanislav was the best scorer with 24 goals. Denis was the second with 12 goals, however Denis got 28 poibts in Canadian scoring. Jana was the best goalkeeper with 100% success rate. Petra was the second with 80% success rate. I have to mention Iva because it is finally possible to quantify her contribution to the game in numbers – thanks to the new pattern for T-stick players where the factors as time, goals and assistances and the number of received and shot goals while the player was on the field are taken in the consideration. Iva absolutely took over this statistics. Pavel also performed a good game however his time on the field was affected by his broken wheelchair. Jan introduced himself as a good defensive player. Thanks to his interventions there were so little shots which approached mine goal. Our team managed to perform what we train, we managed to react to our coach flexibly and we managed to keep the game our way. Players showed many nice actions. So we can say that our return to the league was successful. Naturally we won’t stop with the intensive trainings because there are still things which need to be improved.

Finally I have to thank to our coach who we owe all of our successes to. Andrea is truly devoted to our team and our sport. She trains us every week while looking for new tactics and methods. It wouldn’t be possible without a coach. Definitely not in the style we chose – this is sport and we want to be as best as possible. We want to prove ourselves even abroad and that means that we can’t stop because teams abroad own a faster game and are still improving.

We are looking forward to the next round.