And what is exactly Powerchair Hockey???

Two players of floorball met in the Subway and they realized they had the common way … But as chance would have it one of the players (B) was sitting on the wheelchair …



A: What do you have that for?
B: And for what do you?
A: So … I have it for floorball …
B: Surprisingly me too …
A: Really?
B: Sure, I´ve played floorball for a couple of years …


A: And are you talking about that sport in the sports hall, where people are running with the sticks and chasing after the perforated ball within boards and they are trying to score in the goal, where a goalkeeper is kneeling in some mad overall, helmet and gloves?
B: Exactly this floorball I had in my mind :)) … OK, not a such exactly but the base is the same.
A: How could it be the same??? If nothing else you absolutely can´t …
B: Can´t run? Did you want to say this?
A: Sorry …

B: Be OK, this is usual reaction. But you´re right I am not running but I am riding. So, do imagine Floorball, where people are riding with the sticks, they are trying to get the ball and score. Hm, only the goals are little bit lower and longer. And the goalkeeper doesn´t need a helmet and an overall, because there aren´t any high shoots, the maximum high is 20 cm. And besides he doesn´t have any gloves, because he is guarding the goal with the T-stick.
A: T-stick??
B: Sure, and this is another little difference … Simply – who can´t hold the stick, the one can play with the T-stick. We can say the T-stick is special stick … a construction made of metal and plastic in a shape of „T“ and it is fixed to the wheelchair in front of footrest …
A: I can´t imagine … and how do they control it?
B: Only by the movements of the wheelchair…

stridaniA: I would like to see the line changes :))
B: Do you think the formations? So, I have to dissapoint you, because someone else had this idea before and we can change only during the suspensions. So there is no jumping over the boards. Moreover there can be only 10 players on the field and on the bench in total. We change individeals not whole lines. This seems to be an influence of football, but luckily the amount of changes isn´t limited.
A: What a shame! It could be fun :))
B: Tell me about! :))

A: Look, how many of you are on the field? I didn´t get it. Such a weird number of players …
B: It isn´t. Because there are four players and a goalkeeper on the field, so everyone could have one substitute.

A: And what about the referees?
 Well they are in every sport, so there are two among us, who are trying to survive :)
A: So if there are the referees, so are they whistling some fouls and so on?
B: Sure! You see, then it could be more likely an electrical rugby without them :))
A: So … Are they whistling for example crashing?
B: Yeah … This is one of the basic rules – no crashing and hitting – this sport is non-contact … But you know … If no one can see … No one could whistle it … :) But it´s impossible to hide everything, especially if there is some bang.
A: Is there any more differences in the rules?
B: One of the biggest differences is that the goal-area is much larger and only goalkeeper may be there. And we have two halves which take 20 minutes.

And what about a penalties?
There are basically three types of the penalty – green, yellow and red card. The green one is some warning, if there´s some smaller incident. The yellow card means two minutes out and the red one means a disqualification till the end of the match. And aside from this there is penalty-shot too, which is used when the defensive player played in his own goal-area.

B: I hope you know I was really serious.
A: It sounds little bit unbelievable, but yes, it´s clear …
B: Good. So, I´m gonna get off.
A: Actually, where are you going? To the training?
B: Exactly.
A: So am I. What a pity! If I were going from the training, I would go to watch you.
B: We are playing a league match just on Saturday, so come there :)
A: Really? When exactly and where?
B: In the sports hall…

There were used no real persons in this story, the story is based on the reality of the ordinary days …