Mini Prague Cup for the first time

In days 2nd and 3rd of May took place the first year of the tournament MINI Prague Cup. MINI Prague Cup is a smaller sibling of our already traditional international tournament Prague Cup, which takes place every two years and even twelve teams from whole Europe participated last year. Because this year isn’t rich in the international tournaments, partly due to the World Championship in August in München, we decided to organize at least a small tournament with a possibility of an international participation. We planned from four to six teams. Finally four teams participated in our minor, yet cheaper, tournament. Three teams from the Czech Republic and one from Germany.

Jaguars Prague, New Cavaliers Prague, Indians Pilsen and Ballbusters Würzburg played together in the Sports hall Radotín, which became a traditional place for our tournaments. In consideration of the number of participating teams we could afford to play matches 2×15 minutes and each with each in only one preliminary group. Those matches went on on Friday and there were play-off matches and matches for the final ranking on Saturday.

The first match of the day went on between Indians and Jaguars. And the match was unequivocal. Stanislav showed a big shooting appetite when he scored 13 goals and he assisted twice. Denis shot two goals but he had even seven assistance. Iva assisted at one goal. From the opponent’s team were successful Jan Vaněk twice and Michaela Charvátová once. We won 15:4.


The team Ballbusters met with New Cavaliers in the second match. No one from us has ever played with that team. Cavaliers finally won 5:1 but Ballbusters showed that they has a great defense and great players who are able to keep the ball for very long time.

New Cavaliers continued in their victory crusade even in their next match – unfortunately for us because they played with us. They were in the lead from the beginning. We managed to shoot only one goal in the first half. Even if Stanislav added two more goals in the second half New Cavaliers won 8:3.

The next match was noticeably more exciting and the result was narrower. Indians played with Ballbusters. Both teams showed that their level is quite similar and they fought the leading. Finally Indians won 4:3.

Then we played against Ballbusters. It looked good for us at the beginning but then one of Stanislavs’ wheels broke and he wasn’t able to ride for the rest of the match so he spent it in front of our goal. The accurate opponent was able to use his chance. Stanislav scored once with an assistance of Iva and Denis twice. The second goal was a successful penalty shot. The penalty came in 29:46 and it decided about the final draw 3:3. From the opponent’s team scored Sandra Sreiner and Sven Haas.

The last match of the day belonged New Cavaliers and Indians. Cavaliers began a bit indifferently with a line-up build from less experienced players and it was a chance for Indians to get in the lead. But Cavaliers controlled the end of the match and won 7:5.

So New Cavaliers won the preliminary group. Jaguars were the second, the third were Indians and the fourth Ballbusters. So the opponents for the play-off matches were clear – Jaguars and Indians and New Cavaliers and Ballbusters. The winners of those matches would play the final.

The match between New Cavaliers and Ballbusters opened Saturday and again New Cavaliers won quite smoothly – 8:3.


And then our play-off match with Indians came. Everything looked well until the moment when Denis fell down in front of the opponent’s goal. Except for that he bumped with his head, broke his glasses and cut his eyelids he broke a small bone in his hip joint what showed the check-up in the hospital where he had to be transferred. We all were shaken but the match continued. We won the first half narrowly 4:3. All goals were shot by Stanislav. Michaela Charvátová and Jan Thenot scored for Indians. But the second half was more clear when Stanislav added five more goals and the opponent scored only once (Jan Vaněk). Iva had three assistance and Jan one. We won 9:4.

After a short break there were matches for the final ranking. The duel of Indians and Ballbusters decided about the third place. The match was exciting and balanced and ended tightly 4:3 for Indians again.


And then the final came. Jaguars and New Cavaliers. And this match was really different from the match in the preliminary group on Friday. The gold was in the game and we missed Denis in our basic line-up. The game was really equal and exciting. The score was opened by Václav Uher from New Cavaliers in the third minute and after a successful penalty shot and then a goal by Jan Horák Cavaliers got in a comfortable lead 3:0. At the end of the first half Jan managed to score and then it was 3:1. But Jan from our team was successful even at the beginning of the second half and shot two goals. So the score was 3:3. But then Cavaliers came again and after goals by Václav Uher and Tomáš Suchý they got in the lead again. However it didn’t take long and Jan scored again. Then Stanislav shot two goals so we got even in the lead 6.5. It was the beginning of the 26th minute. At the end of the 26th minute Václav Uher scored and tied and the total score changed Jan Horák in the 27th minute of the match. Jaguars weren’t able to react so New Cavaliers won tightly 7:6.

The first year of MINI Prague Cup 2014 won New Cavaliers Prague. Jaguars Prague took the second place and Indians Pilsen the third one. Ballbusters Würzburg were the fourth. The award for the best scorer got Stanislav Cimpa from the team Jaguars with 28 goals. The best goalkeeper was Christoph Wendel from Ballbusters with 84% success rate of interventions. And the best T-stick player was Iva Zemková from Jaguars with five points.


We thank to all players and teams for the participation. And thank to the referees too – Tadeáš Provazník, Tereza Košťálová, Zdeněk Kamínek and Tobiáš Trojan.

The first year of MINI Prague Cup was successful.

Jana Stárková
goalkeeper of Jaguars