Jaguars in the new season 2014

With a new year there is also a new season for the team Jaguars. The last season wasn’t unsuccessful for us at all. Even though we didn’t manage to defend the title of The champions of the Czech Republic for the third time, we ended narrowly behind New Cavaliers Prague, yet we showed us on four international tournaments and we reached our best result on the international field so far on one of them. We also really improved in the history of this tournament. We are talking about Eurocup in Güstrow. It was our third participation and after the eight place from nine teams in 2011 we ended the fourth from eight (mostly the same) teams. To win so many matches abroad in one row was  new and great experience.

We participated even in the tournament in Eindhoven in the Netherlands, where we reached the tenth place from fourteen participating teams. The competition was really strong. We can take as a success the designation of our team as the National team and our participation in the Four nations tournament in Switzerland. We were the third. Also from the organizers point of view our tournament Prague Cup was successful that was organized by our team for the third time. This year met with a big interest of the foreign teams – there were twelve teams participating at the end – three Czech teams and nine foreign teams. Our team ended at the eight place.

We participated in four league’s rounds. New Cavaliers beat us on the first and the fourth round and we were the second, we won the second round in Zlín and the third round in Pilsen was decided after penalty series. New Cavaliers were more successful and we were narrowly the second again. As I wrote, New Cavaliers didn’t let us to defend the title this time and they won it after tensed fights for themselves. Congratulations. To other club’s activities and events belonged the traditional training camp in Nov8 Role, the music festival Kárafest, our participation in the festival Babí léto and in the exhibition within the World championship in the women floorball in Ostrava.

The year 2014 brings two important changes for our team. The main change of this season is that the team Jaguars doesn’t participate in the Czech league competition this year. After few league’s seasons our team wasn’t satisfied with (the organizations issues), came the last drop. The escalated handling, un-sporty cheering, the vulgar insults to our players, the unsuitable field and facilities in the gym, the ignoring of the rules sets of rules, the laxity of the organizer… But the main reason was that Jaguars want to take EWH seriously – as a sport – and that isn’t possible in that conditions.

And the second change is related to the first one – the players who joined us later were afraid that considering their sport experience and the competition in the team they would lose opportunities to play. So they left our club and founded new club that continues in the Czech league’s competition. The players of the main five (the basic line-up) stayed and we have one newcomer with a big potential.

So what is waiting for us in the new year? We participated in one EWH exhibition within the World Championship in women field hockey in Prague and we agree with more propagation of our sport in future. There are no changes with thorough trainings once or twice a week. And then there are the friendly matches with New Cavaliers and Indians within their weekend’s training camps – there are three confirmed dates so far (9. 2., 23. 3., 13. 4.).

There is the MINI Prague Cup taking place at the beginning of May (2. and 3. 5.). It’s a small tournament for four teams with a promised international participation. Matches takes place in the Sports Hall Radotín. It will be an opportunity for teams that usually don’t participate in the international tournaments due to their productivity or competition.

There is the tournament in Zurich at the beginning of June where we are participating. It’s the eight year of this tournament that is organized by Iron Cars and it’s our second participation. We will try to succeed in the competition of ten teams from five European countries (Switzerland, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic). And it will be strong competition again because the participating teams belong to the European top,. We hope we will be successful.

And then there is the traditional training camp in Nov8 Role near Karlovy Vary in summer (16. – 24. 7.). We are going there for the fifth time already and there are every day’s thorough trainings under the lead of our couch Andrea waiting for us.

And there is still a possibility of the participation in the tournament that is organized by New Cavaliers in August in Prague.

So the first part of our season is quite full. The team Jaguars isn’t ending at all, but we want to do what we enjoy and what gives us good feeling.

Thanks for cheering!

Jana Stárková
the goalkeeper of the team Jaguars